Motion tracking gets distracted

I have a can pan v3 for my front yard. It frequently misses the important stuff because it gets distracted. My neighbor walked over from the left. It tracked her sort of (bottom of frame) until it crossed the driveway, then it briefly boxed the driveway to street junction and just sat there. After she to my door (no video because it’s looking at the street, she walks back in frame and it doesn’t track at all had to find on SD card.

I’ve noticed when people walk under it gets to pointing down and just gives up. Should rotate and keep. Tracking.

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A well documented problem, among others, w\ the PanV3. Browse the other issues:


Unfortunately a lot of Topic subjects are poorly descripted so you have to dig thru all the conversations. I’ll look for tags settings.

For instance a similar but not the same issue happens when it detects someone walking by, shows bottom of tracking box, tracks, but never moves up to put them in frame, only their feet. Tilted down to reduce camera chasing vehicles, but oddly enough it moves up and tracks vehicles it shouldn’t… Hahaha ANI

Is there a list of tags to add to a thread or reply.? Logged in via browser so I could use app and forum.

The cam is highly susceptible to missing events because it is daydreaming chasing other motion events. Reducing the Motion Sensitivity may reduce this affect.

Check the cam range left and right to make sure that the rotation stop limiter isn’t causing it to stop at that point. When manually panning, you should get a floating toast popup indicating when the limits are reached.

This is a regular issue in the forum. The other option is to do a Forum Search or Advanced Search for specific key words or phrases you are seeking. But, if you click on the hashtag provided, or go to the menu list and select Cameras and select the Cam-Pan-V3 tag, it will show every topic tagged for that cam. Most recent replied topics will be at the top.

I have not yet seen that issue reported.

There appears to be a correlation to the speed of the object triggering the cam to tilt to pan in frame.

Yes. New topics are tagged at the time of their creation. However you correctly tagged this thread cam-pan-v3. Replies cannot be hashtagged. Topics that are mistagged should be flagged to the moderators to be retagged.

Some of the more documented PanV3 issue threads: