Motion Detection Quirks with the New Cam Pan V3

Interesting observation using my new Cam Pan V3. It manages to detect cars going by just fine. It detects people OK too - even people walking dogs. But when several deer go by in the same location, they’re essentially invisible to the motion detection algorithm. I’m beginning to think that this may not make a very good wildlife cam. Anyone else seeing this behavior?

Are you talking specificly about general motion events? Cloud saves events right? Local storage? Tagged events? Notifications? What cloud service if any are you using? Do you have any video examples? Thanks in advance!

Motion Detection Sensitivity on 100%, Motion Tagging ON, Record Motion Events ON (all motion events selected), Continuous Recording to MicroSD Card Selected, Night Vision on Auto. I receive notifications of all motion events (cars, people, dog walkers etc.) which are shown on the timeline. Wildlife (deer, coyotes, etc. that pass by are not noted as motion events.

If I spot the footprints, I can find the animal on the recorded timeline and manually record it to file. No motion event though.


Thanks for the video! Beautiful neighborhood.
As snowy as my neck of the world.

Again, is there a cam plus license on this camera?

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No CamPlus.

Ok, then with no cam plus license on the camera you will get a event thumbnail for each event, and there will be a 5 minute cool down before the camera can send another event thumbnail notification. The deer may be timing their walks to these times when the camera is not detecting motion.

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Wow that looks like a page from a book. Beautiful area you live in.

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I have the wireless outdoor cameras and V3 and mine will record it as pet

No. The only motions tracked that night where well outside that time frame. And they were actually tracked…

Totally agree. I have 4 outside cams and several V3s and they all trigger on animal motion. Lots of video clips of moose, deer, coyotes and porcupines moving through the greenspace behind.

We had ghat issue as well we adjusted za9
we had the same problem we turned down the sensitivity down to 10 that cleared up alot of the fake recording, a person must just play around eith the settings

I think you misunderstand. I am not bothered by “fake” motion events. My concern is that the new Cam Pan V3 camera sees and tracks people and automobiles well, but it misses wildlife (i.e. deer and coyotes, etc.) moving across the detection field in a relatively high contrast and well lit environment.

I have no idea how or why I am seeing your emails to each other about not seeing wild life. I don’t even have the Cam pan.
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interesting, I have V3’s in same view as the home spot on the pan V3. and didn’t think about it till reading this. the V3’s picked up a bunny and did the motion box. but the Pan V3 did nothing, no motion box or even tracking. now I’m curious and will keep an eye out. I have deer and other wildlife that passes by these cams. will report back what i find out next couple days.

Are bunnies AI tagged as Pet? I have bunnies run by my v3 cameras but they are just tagged as Motion. My v3 cameras properly tag small dogs as Pet.

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most of the time the bunnies on the V3s get tagged as pets. sometimes just tagged as motion and sometimes the famous WYZE vehicle tag, lol. but the Pan V3 so far has completely ignored them.