V3 not picking up movement

I have the V3 looking to the backyard. The other night a deer waltzed right across the yard and no notification at all, but it will show my dog when he is back there in the same area. I have my detection settings set so it should be picking it up. Wonder what else this camera is missing? Meanwhile my V2 out front works great. So much for the “upgrade”. Any thoughts?

Need to know more info otherwise any troubleshooting is a total guess. Best is provide as much info up front to “paint the picture” for the community here to be able to provide focused help.

Are you in cam plus? Free cloud service? Camera detection Settings? Sensitivity settings? How is the camera mounted? Post a picture of what the cameras view is? Post a event or two showing the events that you are referring to? How far away was the dog detected? Time of day? And anything else pertinent will help. Thanks in advance!