Need help with v3 setup inconsistent events

I’m pretty much ready to send these V3’s back. The inconsistency of these cameras has me pulling my hair out.

I’ve only had these for a few night now, but each night I get something completely different. One night non stop notifications, the next nothing.

Today the camera works all day, recorded person events and then tonight comes and nothing. I’m standing in front of it and I cannot get it to record an event. It hasn’t recorded an event since 3 pm but we have been coming and going all day

I have the motion on, Cam+ set to person.

The camera recorded my wife all day and night in and out last night. But nothing today. Setting the same.

Regretting this purchase, these were supposed to be easy. I’m either awake all night with fake notifications or they aren’t working.

Can someone walk me through the setting as maybe I’m missing something.

Can you post screen shots of your event recording and detection settings. The V3 motion detection system is pixel change based. Whenever the camera detects that pixels are changing color, getting lighter, getting darker that is what the camera is thinking is motion. If your camera view has lots of shadows or gets reflections of headlights of cars in the area those maybe reasons for getting lots of events. Some things you can do to lessen these is to turn down your sensitivity settings, create exclusion zones on your detection zone settings and there’s always a possibility of moving and remounting the camera to a different location that’s aimed to a less active area.


So after I posted that, my wife drove into view, walked in front of the camera on the front door. Then went out the back door and took the dog out in front of the camera on the back door.

Two nights ago this routine set my phone on fire everytime. Last night nothing registered on either camera all night long.

No change in settings

I’m not concerned that it was taking too many shots. I’m more concerned it went from too many to absolutely none. Even when there are very obvious event shots to take.

I should also mention, the front of the house is lit up like daylight with LED soffit lights. They are on a timer and the cameras have been registering the on/off of those light as events in the am and pm schedule. But last night it did not even do that.

Both cameras have stopped, makes me thing software or app issue

Can you post a screen shot of your Event Tab?

This was “person” tagged events/notifications? Do you see any “motion” only events in the event tab? Do you have an SD card in the camera? Are you only concerned with cloud storage and do you also want local storage?

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These were person and motion detections. My wife’s van would tag motion, she would tag person. Then the dog would tag motion and she would again tag “person”

In all cases it would create an event, and a notification. Now I’m getting absolutely nothing. Even when I stand in front of it myself.

I have SD cards installed in both cameras. Frankly I don’t care whether it’s local or cloud, but I’m trying to do both. I just want to know why events are so sporatical, to basically non existent now.

I will step outside my front door right now, which for the past 3 days would register a person and a notification. It’s 7:38 Am

Update. It record me on the SD but no event was registered and no notification was sent.

Getting frustrated with these. The camera on the front record constant to SD, the back camera only Events…neither is registering or notifying of any event. Also using CAM+

If you remove all the display filters in the event tab, do your missing events show up? It’s always a good practice to remove all filters when troubleshooting so you can know what all is being recorded to the cloud as cloud clips are what trigger notifications.

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As stated you have your filters turned on. Your events page should look like this. Trust me I did the same thing the other day by accident.

I can search them now either way and they would work before.

I did a hard reset in both cameras, deleted and reloaded the maps along with formatting both SD cards. After I got locked out of this forum 2 days ago. Did not change.

Out of the blue with no adjustments after reseting and returning all the setting to the previous screenshotted settings. They both started sending notification and events last night at 6 pm after nothing for well over 24 hours or more.

They are working now, lol, with no further adjustments . I’m not chasing my tail. If they stop working again I’ll unplug them and they can be dummies


Worked perfectly for 2.5 days with no adjustments or even logging into settings since my last post when it started working by itself.

Unfortunately the system has gone black again and has not recorded or notified a single event for the past 12 hours on either camera when there have been dozens to happen in actuality.

Obviously this is app/server related as the cameras were working. This system is seriously flawed. What a shame.
Completely disappointed with this system.

Turn all your filters off and check again, also look at the top right on main page next to the pencil, make sure there are no Z’s on the bell if that is accidentally tapped it will turn off all notifications

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No Z’s
No filters

No changes from 12 hours ago, hard stop. It worked untouched for 2.5 days. Same as before, has now gone black for a significant period of time.

There is a bug in the server/app. This has nothing to do with my settings, I repeat… They have not been adjusted in the last 3 days.

Turn your motion detection sensitivity up to 60 and test

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Nope, because it has been detecting motion and sending me notification perfectly fine until 12:34 yesterday.

I’m not adjusting a single setting, because they have been working fine. If this does the same as earlier in the week and just randomly starts working again, then we can confirm it is a server issue.