V3cam settings not working correctly

All V3 cam settings not working correctly

I have 2 new v3 cameras. I keep getting event notifications every minute from both cameras every time a car passes on the street in the front of my house. I have tried every possible setting to stop getting moving vehicle notifications. I have unchecked all vehicle settings. Unchecked all motion settings. Blocked out street in detection zone. Nothing has worked. How can I accept the cam plus trial offer when nothing is working properly. Also other issues I am constantly having is a failure to upload events to cloud. This is happening on both new cameras. I have an older v3 camera without cam plus and have no issues with uploading to cloud. Note. Whats the difference.
In detection settings-A moving Vehicle = Motion and Motion is a moving Vehicle. So whats up with that.
Your camera pixilation will pick up motion the same as a moving Vehicle. So why is there redundant settings which both do not stop events. Also head lights from cars also sets off events due to changing pixilation.

My wish is that Wyze gets wise and fixes these issues. My wish is that Wyze uses infrared instead of pixelation on their cameras. I want the cam to sense body heat just like my security light works. All I want to do is detect people/ intruder on my property. I don’t need to detect cars passing on the street. I will not spend a penny on cam plus if these issues are corrected. You need to work on existing quality issues b4 coming up with new products. Thank You for your attention to this matter

Sorry your having issues with your settings.

Here’s a few things you can try:

Clear app cache. Account > app settings. Then force close the app.

Check your settings again, try toggling them off and back on.

What the settings do:

“Detection Settings” set the sensitivity for sound and pixel detection, as well as the detection zone.

“Event Recording” is where you can toggle AI or all motion. This is just what is RECORDED to the “Events” tab at the bottom of the app.

“Notification Settings” this is where you can set NOTIFICATIONS for AI or all motion. These settings just set what you get notified for, not what is RECORDED.

Does this answer your questions? Let me know if you have any more.

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These are my settings on my V3 for both Event Recording and Notifications:

If your settings are like this then I would remove the Camera from Cam Plus, restart the camera (Power Cycle), close the app and then go back in and add the camera back to camplus and make sure your settings are correct. Then see what happens.


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Thank You for your response. I have tried everything you have listed. Even when I block out detection zone
Where vehicle’s are moving at street in front of my house i am still getting event notifications. So to sum it all up,
Vehicle and motion settings and detection zone settings have been adjusted. all vehicle/ Motion settings - boxes un checked. Both new v3 cameras are not eliminating moving vehicle events. So I am getting
Event notifications every time a car passes in front of my house. Seems like The camera pixilation which detects motion and vehicle movement can not be Turned off. Often when a vehicle passes I get a wrong
Event notification sayings its a person. Seems like Wyze
Programing is all messed up. Since cameras are new i am getting a free14 day cam plus trial in which I will not buy into because the v3 has too many on going unresolved bugs. All I need is my events
to show me a person/ Intruder on
My property. On other note seems
Like Wyze has not corrected the fact that 40% of events notifications fail to upload to cloud. This is not acceptable.
Both cameras have full bars and are only 15 ft away from router that has a speed of 465mbps.

If you can please advise re my last comment.
Motion detection is the same as moving vehicle detection. Moving vehicle is the same as motion.
So why have both if the camera is picking up same pixel changes for motion and moving vehicle again for which
No mater I do with the settings it does not stop the camera from sensing pixel changes.

Thank You for your time and response. I appreciate it.

BTW I am very familiar/ savy as to how all app settings work as I have had a v3 cam since march 2021. That camera as well had same issues. So thats 3 v cameras that are not able to turn off moving vehicles.

Disabling vehicle detection in event recording only disables the ability for the AI to tag the clip as a vehicle. If you have all motion enabled, you will still get notifications it just won’t say vehicle. If you want no alerts from vehicles, and only for people, you must disable motion notifications and only enable person detection and notifications.

You said disable motion notifications.
I only have person notification checked off.
All other motion notifications are turned off.
Still getting notifications when cars pass by in street.

FYI -the bottom of device notification page It says you cant turn on notifications until you enable event recordings. Then when you go to event recordings you must turn on on motion events which
Is what you told me to turn off to eliminate vehicle detection notifications.

These products have become such crap. I’ve tried for 4 years.

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Could you send a screenshot of these pages:

Detection settings

Detection settings > smart detections

Event recording (make sure you get everything, may need 2 and scroll)


You are correct. Wyize products are garbage.
Its like a bunch of 3rd graders running the company.
Here is a list of issues that I have encountered over the last 1.5 years with the V3 Cam.:

All due to the way the cam works on pixel sensing.
Cannot stop moving Vehicle / headlight reflection notifications.

Wyze programing/ soft ware issues:
I have had 5 V3 cameras two of which were returned to Home depot. And all have had the same issues as listed below :

Constant failure to upload on notifications which completely eliminates the camera to function as a security camera if you vant see whats happening on notification clips. Its not an issue at my end as I have excellent signal strenth. Full bars / 465 mbps at router.

Camera cannot name the correct object as detected.
I see a vehicle it say it was a person. I see a dog it say
Motion. They should get rid of word motion since it represents all items than can be viewed on a security camera.

Constant Intermittent Bug issues. Camera does not detect any notifications for minutes/ hours even though I can see movement in front of my house. Thats NOT Good. Server issue?

Constant firmware updates as un wise engineers try to figure out what they botched up from previous firmware update.

On the new V3 cam i bought they come with a free 14 day cam plus trial. On past cameras I use I did not have many failure to upload to cloud isseus. Cam Plus has made things much worse. Why in the world would I pay 1.25 prr mo when un wise engineere have not de buged the many issues.

Why is wyze constantly coming up with new products when the cant fix existing issues with older products?

Why are they releasing new products with existing bug issues?

They need to slow down and work on above issues b4 attempting to ask us to pay for their services.

I chalk all of this to Horrible programming /software engineers. While the COO us atempting to raise revenues —Public Beware.

The Wyze marketing team wants to offer and sell new product. The President wants more profit.
The Engineer / Software team cannot fix bug issues with the first products Wyze produced. The customer service team are puppets. They are not tech support. You ask them for help and they say, hold on let me check with tech support. Then they tell you to send in a log. Then they say they will look into the issue.
What a wasted phone call. The problem
is never resolved as on all the V3 issues, But at the same time they want you to pay for they new cam Plus services.
I will be happy to pay for services that work.
Will not pay for services with many issues.

Notifications is the way any motion is described
When viewing video clips such as Vehicle/ pets/ person.
Issue is you cant stop getting passing car / headlight reflection notifications
Unless you disable all motion settings which eliminates you from gettion a motion notification again which is everything the camera picks up. A security camera is all about sensing MOTION. Eliminate motion = eliminate security camera.

I still dont get it. A passing Vehicle is motion.
Motion is a passing Vehicle. So why do they have
Nane tagging options for both. A parson moving is motion. A cat moving is motion. So if you disable all motion events you will not get notifications of above
Actions which makes the cameras useless

Bottom line, the inly good thing about the Wyze
V3 camera is the live streaming view. Every thing else
Including cloud issues is messed up and is not stable.
Seems like they have major server issues that cant handle the volume

Once again Wyze needs to get wise and fix these issues if they want to be successful going forward.

To all , sorry about the long e mail, but I need to vent my frustration regarding all of the issues I have had.

If Wyze is a reputable Company most of the issues would have been resolvved by now.

The public needs good quality tested products b4 they hit the shelves.

You get what you pay for. Im not sure I even got that

BTW. Home Depot excepts returns on V3 cameras
For up to 3 months. So better to by from them incase you need to return rather thsn buying from Wyxe and having to desl with their return / shipping issues.

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