V3 Event issues

So to start I really like the quality of these V3’s and I’ll be ordering more when they are back in stock. However there are a couple of things that I don’t seem to understand with these V3s.

  1. No matter how low I set the sound sensitivity it always generates alerts. I had to turn it off. Which to me is NBD but just thought I should put that out there.
  2. The motion events; in play back there is no box outlining where the motion was triggered.
  3. Shadows seem to trigger motion and the switch from cloudy to sunny will also trigger an alert.
    I’ve adjusted the box as small as I want to go but it still seems too sensitive, and I have my setting currently on 15 which I just changed it to from 20.
    I’ve attached an example of an alert and what my detection zone is set to.

I submit trouble events constantly so hopefully it will help with things. With these sensitivity issues though the camera does miss real events.
For example: Today an even was triggered for some sort of motion, but I don’t know exactly what. During the cool down a package was delivered so I was never notified that someone was actually on my porch. I don’t know how low I should change this to.

Any tips or tricks other people are doing? Or will a firmware upgrade fix these issues? I also apologize if this was already brought up. I did search the forum but I didn’t see anything for these issues.

Thanks in advance.


Totally agree with you on how much of an upgrade the V3 is and can’t wait to purchase more. I am also having the same issue with the sensitivity and notifications. Let’s hope for answers. :grin:

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Snow, rain, lights, yes tons of false events to weed out no matter what the settings.


Same boat. Big improvement in video quality with the v3, but wind blown branch shadows basically can’t be tuned out and I do eventually loose the sensitivity for pets which is part of the reason I’ve got the back porch cam deployed.

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