Sensitivity is way off [Moved]

Having constant problems with all cameras getting events triggered. Problem occurs regardless of sensitivity setting.

In reviewing the 15 seconds recordings there is no change in image from second 1 to 2 or even 5. Watching the whole 15 second clips there is nothing moving or any visual difference.

You can see what’s happening if you jump between second 1 and second 15. There are clouds outside and the brightness is changing EVER SO SLIGHTLY. Watching the whole clip it’s so scuttle you don’t notice it. But jumping between start and end of clip you can make it out.

This seems to be a recent issue so I’m assuming firmware change. Previously the were all on high sensitivity and I didn’t have issues. After having the problem crop up I switched all to low sensitivity and it has made no difference.



There appears to be a similar issue in nightvision mode where a single speck of dust passing across the camera will trigger an event as well.

Total agree. It’s seems, from various posts I’ve seen, a lot of people are having this issue. I certainly am. I get an ‘alert’ every 5-10 mins even on Low sensitivity. I’ve reset the camera, I have the latest firmware, but it continues to happen. I think giving us more control of sensitivity is needed badly to resolve this. Or ensuring that Low does not trigger almost continually. And I have the latest firmware as well (I think they changed the Low sensitivity at one point) but it’s way to sensitive for my liking.

How about putting a sliding scale that goes from 1 pixel to all pixels need to change before motion is detected? Then we can select where we want it to be vs. just low/med/high. I don’t think you will satisfy everyone with 3 settings. I know it’s simpler to just have three. But I’d prefer more control over it - since Low is way to sensitve for me (I have a lot of tress around the house so the outside looking cams trigger on every little bird or every time leaves blow in the wind!)