Sensitivity of motion doesn't seem to work.

My new camera was quite easy to set-up (over the front door of the house). The issue I’m seeing is that the camera seems to ignore all sensitivity settings; it captures an image when a cloud passes overhead, if the ornamental grass blows in the wind, or a bug flies by. I’ve tried setting the detection zone to focus on just the walk way to the door, and turned the sensitivity down to the mid 10’s, but nothing works. It’s a V2 model with the latest firmware and I currently running a 32G SD card to continuously capture video.

Something’s not right.

The outdoor situation is difficult if there are plants that move within the detection zone. I’d suggest trying to narrow the detection zone to avoid them.

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Nick… As I said in my previous post, I’ve excluded all areas that could be potentially non-static via the zone (can’t make it any smaller and it doesn’t contain any transient objects). I’ve just turned the sensitivity down to “6” to see if that helps. I’m assuming the scale is linear in nature so …we’ll see!