Outdoor cam detection zones do not work


I’ve noticed that setting a detection zone doesn’t seem to do anything. That area is just ignored and the entire area is used anyway.

To test it, I made a very small detection zone and I still get notifications and recordings any time something enters the camera frame.

Here’s an image of my zone for testing.


True I get the same issue

What are your sensitivity settings? That area is very small so it would not take much to surpass the sensitivity threshold once the pir detects something. How much movement does the bush do? The two boxes of your detection zone have bush leaves which I am guess move fairly often.

Once the pir wakes the camera up and it starts recording, the second pass is the sensitivity settings and detection zone. If the frame passes those the clip is saved and uploaded.

It’s difficult to see, but it’s mainly dirt in the zone. The test I did, had no visible movement on the plant and it was a calm day.

Sensitivity settings are 100.

Ill do a test where I put the area over a section of the house siding and see how that goes.

Ill also drop the sensitivity and see what that does.

Thanks for the reply.

I think you’re right about the pixel sensitivity! Keeping it at 100 seems to trigger detection almost no matter what (I wonder if it has anything to do with image compression noise).

I lowered it to 50 and it’s working as intended :+1:

Thanks for you help @Omgitstony

@kae4560 lowering my image sensitivity (I put it to 50) seems to have solved the issue :slight_smile: