Wyzecam v2 sensitivity

Would like to know if sensitivity if wyzecam has been changed via a firmware upgrade. My cameras are pointing outdoor. In the past, I was setting the sensitivity around 75 and I did not receive false alert, and no missing clip on sd card when someone was walking in the street in front of the house.

It is now a complete different story. The sensitivity is set to 100 on my two v2 camera, and it misses so often I do not have any confidence in these cameras anymore. In daylight, someone can walk with his dog, 25ft from the camera, and when I’m looking the playback the camera did not triggered. It was not the case before.

The only change I’m aware of is that the sensitivity and detection zone now applies to the SD card recording in event-only mode. Do you have a detection zone set?

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Yes, I do have detection zone set on each of my cameras.

Is it possible that the detection zone is excluding the motion? If not, I’d suggest submitting a support ticket on this so Wyze can look at the logs and try to figure out what’s going on.

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The motion is in the detection zone. Otherwise, I do understand the camera will not record if motion is outside of the detection zone.