V3 with Cam + Records Almost Non-stop

I am a new user. The camera detects and records as “events” extremely slight movements of leaves as well as movements not visible on the playback to the human eye. Turning off the “All Other Motion Events” function does not stop the recording. The result is that camera records almost nonstop. Recording a few dozen events every hour means there are too many to check for the odd cyote or bobcat crossing the yard and obviously affects the functionality of the app (it freezes). Reducing the detection sensitivity does not help. I really hope someone can suggest a fix or work-around. Thanks!

Have you set a detection zone which excludes trees, leaves and anything else that moves continuously?

Thanks for your suggestion. I adjusted the detection zone to eliminate a leafy plant in the foreground that seemed to be pinging the camera. Unfortunately, it did not help as the camera still records event after event. There are some trees in the background, but it is a very still day and nothing there is moving. Going farther, I live in a wooded area and there is no way short of relocating the camera to point straight down at my driveway that I can eliminate all foliage from the frame. Thanks again for taking time to answer.

Try reducing the value of the sensitivity slider during windy daylight hours in an attempt to find a workable setting. Sometimes the Outdoor cam is better option because it’s detection method is essentially body heat, and it ignores snow and blowing shadows etc.

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