Pan Cam motion detection

I’ve set up a PanCam outside my house and I’m getting inconsistent results. I’m getting video captures from shadows and tree movements, but if someone walks by within the detection area, this is not being captured. I’ve tried to limit the detection area and also tried different sensitivity settings, but no real improvements.

Am I missing something simple?

Welcome to the user community, @andyfurno!

Unless you have a Cam Plus license assigned to that camera, your captures will be limited to a 12-second event recording every 5 minutes. So if someone walks by within 5 minutes after a trigger, a notification will not be generated for them.

You should use your detection sensitivity and zone to eliminate as many shadows and tree movements as you can. If the person is a reasonable size in the overall frame, then you may be able to take the detection sensitivity down to 1. That should eliminate a lot of smaller triggers.

Also, add a SD card, and put it on continuous record. That will keep at least 3 days of coverage available for you to review, extending any events you get.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try to trim the detection zone smaller, but one challenge is the shadow the tree casts is right on the sidewalk where someone would be walking.

I’ve also lowered the sensitivity. If someone is on the sidewalk, they will definitely fill a lot of the overall frame.

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