Cam Pa v2 not picking up stuff?

So I have this camera in the front window, facing my sidewalk, driveway and walkway. I took my garbage can out to the curb this morning (camera didn’t pick this up) and apparently at some point this morning, someone picked through the trash can and took stuff. The camera didn’t pick any of this up. I went out to the can twice with additional trash (this is how I know stuff was missing from the can) and I don’t show up on the camera. I stood in front of it and waved my arms - now I show up on the camera.
The camera is there for my safety - the fact that it isn’t picking up stuff really bothers me. I cycled the camera, but I am super pissed about this. I pay for Cam Plus for my 2 cameras (neither has an SD card). Today I am wondering what I am paying for and if I should switch. I have to mention I am a bit stressed, as my mom has been sick and passed away on Monday, so I am not doing great on that front…

What is the firmware version on the cam?

What is the Sensitivity setting on your Cam?

What are the Event Recording settings?

Shooting thru glass, especially at an angle, will decrease the effectiveness of Motion Detection.

A high capacity, High Endurance, SD Card installed in the cam will record continuously for backup video that can be reviewed.
53, so it doesn’t record the tree or bushes blowing constantly, like it had been.
all day record motion events - smart detection events (person, pet, vehicle, package). It doesn’t record sound.

I have had this Wyze Cam Pan v2 since 11/2/2021. The plugin version is My older cam that I got in 2015 is in the window at the back of the house. I have not had any issues like this in the past, regardless of the fact that it is in the window. The sidewalk is 20 feet from the window. When I went to look this info up yesterday, I noticed that the camera stopped picking up events at around 5pm on Friday afternoon, had only 1 event on Saturday at 4:23pm (so it isn’t pick up my car driving out and coming back to the garage like I usually does). It picked nothing up on Sunday so last night I recycled the camera. I can’t remember when I did that, but it still only picked up 2 events close to 11pm. This morning, it seems to be doing a little better, but I can’t figure out why it stopped picking up events for 2 days.

On top of all the issues I am dealing with regarding my mother’s passing, having my security cameras fail me is not something that makes me feel any better…

That sensitivity is a bit low to be picking up distant objects moving while viewing thru glass.

Reducing the sensitivity to reduce motion activation from trees and such is negatively affecting the ability of the cam to also detect moving objects in the areas you do want detections. The sensitivity applies to the entire FOV. Rather than lowering the sensitivity, it might perform better if you set up a detection zone that blocks out the offending movements.

If you have Cam Plus, you can keep your sensitivity high, record all motion events and AI Smart Detection Events, but turn off Notifications for general motion events in favor of only AI Smart Detection Event Notifications. You can also filter out your extra motion events from the Events Tab.

Thanks. In the 2 years that I have had the camera, I have not had an issue. It has recorded 35 events today between midnight and 1pm. So I don’t think the fact that I have the sensitivity set at 53 is the problem. It records me leaving the house for my run this morning and coming back, the Fed Ex guy dropping off my Chewy package, my car leaving and returning to the garage. It is possible that the can was very close to the edge of the detection zone and the person who picked through my trash can approached from the far side and left the same way (ie my next door neighbor perhaps) and that is why it didn’t pick them up. I am not sure why there was virtually no recording at all on Saturday - it picked up 1 car all day Saturday - it didn’t pick me up running, leaving the house and coming back; same for Sunday except it picked up 2 cars close to 11pm. I did recycle the camera last night, but it didn’t need an update of firmware - my older one did.

I will adjust the sensitivity and I think the SD card I have for my mom’s tablet that she no longer needs can fit in the camera. I am sorry to sound aggravated, but this is the LAST thing I need to worry about right now. :frowning:
Thanks for your time!