Wyze cam pan v1 does not record everything the stream

I have a pan v1, and when I point it to cover 2 different doorways, it does not capture motion on one of the doors even though I can clearly see both doors. When I point it directly at the door, and do the exact same motion, it then records it, meaning it is not going to trigger a recording of EVERYTHING it shows when I look at the live stream. It will cut out certain parts that I can clearly see on the stream, but are too far to the left or right, and maybe even above and below for all I know. Are any upgraded wyze cams better at this? What is the point of it not recording everything that I can see on the stream? How am I suspose to know where to set it so that it records where I want it to, without just guessing, and testing it?

Has been doing this for months where it only records 12 second videos even though something is still moving. It seems like will SOMETIMES just randomly record longer then 12 seconds. Makes no sense. I know that wyze knows bout the issue. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE FIXED. It is a known issue, and has been for months.

It will not save my detection zone when I change it through the app, any ideas?

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Welcome to the forums! Let me see if I can touch in a few if the items your mentioning:

These issues above to me sound like your sensitivity is set to low. Yes I believe that you still see motion in frame, but it may not be enough pixel change to cover the threshold set by you and your sensitivity settings to be seen as motion by the camera. What is your sensitivity at? How light is the room? How much contrast is there near the second entryway between the people coming and going and the background in the area? I would up your sensitivity to 100%, and let it go to see everything that the camera can catch, then back down the sensitivity untill you find that sweet spot of motion.


Already tried that.

The not recording everything I see is a problem with the camera it isnt a setting. I need to know if other versions are better at it.

What is your sensitivity set at? What is your detection zone stuck at? Can you provide photos or a video example showing what your seeing? Thanks in advance!

100 percent sensitivity.

Im seeing the detection zone and then I hit the buttons to adjust where I want it and hit save and close out that part and it just returns back to where it was . No need for photo or video.

I have other issues too. I have like 5 total problems with pan v1. Its garbage.