Pan Cam only recording some event, not all

I’m new to Wyze and have a lot to learn. My biggest issue is that my pan cam records only some events. I have my settings set to detect motion, all day. Sensitivity is set to “high”. Detection zone is off. Notifications is turned on and it’s set to “person” . What am I doing wrong?

It has around a 5 minute cooldown period where it won’t record a new event until roughly 5 minutes has passed. How frequent are the events your trying to capture?

@xtremehumvee84 is correct - the event notification has a 5 minute cooldown period before it will record again. This means you can record the truck arriving but miss the driver on your porch.
Two Options:
-Enable continuous recording. Look at the event as a flag in time of a possible thing you want to view fully. When you see a red flag go to playback at the time of the event video to view the whole thing. You will get a lot of bugs, wind, headlights, etc. In your notification videos you don’t want to see anyhow.
-Add a motion sensor. This will eliminate most of the light, bugs etc. since it is passive infrared instead of pixel based.

@jericoliz, since you haven’t mentioned; are you using it with micro-SD? if not, I suggest you do, since if you’ll just rely on cloud recording you’ll gonna missed a lot as already explained by others.