V3, V2, Only Capturing People - I want Everything Captured

So I use both V2s and V3s, some with Plus, some not. They ALL used to pick up and record 12 seconds of basically ANY movement. A leaf on my tree moves, it would pick it up. But the sensitivity is not the issue. Now my cameras ONLY pick up and record People. I want them to record smaller things like my cat jumping down, a bird coming to rest and eating a bug… stuff like that. Now they ONLY record people.

I have tried to change the myriad of settings in the app but to absolutely no avail. My only thought is that this must be some app “Upgrade” where it tags People but fails to care about anything else.

How do I make it record any small movement? Like they used to!!!

TIA for any help.

Check the “Event Recording” settings in the app. Also, make sure you don’t have any filters enabled in the events tab. Click the funnel icon in the upper right, and hit clear.


Do you have CamPlus? If not, you won’t get pet, car, etc.

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If your events page looks like this tap person to make it turn to white.

Then it should look like this.


Thank you all! IEatBeans nailed the solution. I cleared filters and boom, everything is there like I expected. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Glad you got it! Please mark this thread as solved :slight_smile: