People detection setting on cams are confusing

I have my cams setup to detect people. If a person is sensed, I want the cam to record. I do not want any other motion to be recorded.
I’m confused as to whether Event recording / detects motion also needs to be on.
Right now I have sensitivity turn down low to “4”, event recording set to “detects motion” on, but I keep getting notified every time the wind blows and moves plants. I also have the detection zone setup, but it is impossible to monitor where I want to check for people without getting flower beds in the pic (the cams are outside in whetherproof cases).
Is it possible to only record when people are detected? The notifications that I get are from IFTTT being activated by motion signals from the cam.

What you are trying to achieve is not possible. Here is how it works.

Motion is detected and video is sent to the cloud.

Video is scanned to determine is a person is present

If there is no person you are only notified there is motion

If there is a person you are notified there was a person.

So basically it all relies on the motion if it does not see motion it cannot decide if there is a person, currently there is no way to throw out the ones with no people so you still get them all, then you can filter them accordingly.

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You can set up the Wyze app to only send notifications on Person Detection. This is a per camera setting.
As you can see in IFTTT there is no Wyze Person Detection option.