Person detection only event recording

Question for those who still have old firmware that supports person detection. Can you configure the settings so only person detection events are recorded? Because if it records all events I may miss an actual person because of the 5 minute cool down period between event recordings. Especially when it’s breezy its constantly recording tree branches.

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If I remember correctly, and that’s a long shot- there was an option under event recording for person, sound and motion Each could be turned on or off.

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I think you can’t do that. There is an option for sending notifications only when it senses a person, but not for video recording. ie, if it senses motion but doesn’t detect a person, the camera will not send a notification, but will upload a video.


You can only limit the notifications, person detection is dependent on the event recording. If the event is not recorded there is nothing to analyze and there is no way to prevent a video without a person from uploading. All you can do is turn off the event notification but you will still have issues with the 5-minute cool down. The only way around that currently is CMC


Thats what I was afraid of, thanks much for the info. I don’t want to pay for the motion detection service until they fix all the bugs… the $1.50 a month is totally reasonable though… assuming motion detection is working properly

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