Event recording Person detection only

Since I’m on the beta should I be able to only get event recordings only when person is detected since I have Motion disabled? I’m getting motion events recorded as well which is why I ask.

You have motion disabled here and you’re still getting motion notifications and recordings? Because that doesn’t sound right.

or is it here? Either way it sounds odd that you’re getting notifications for motion when you have it turned off.

My apologies. I have Event Recordings Motion enabled and Notifications only Person. If I only want a recorded event for Person detected is that possible and what would my settings be? If I wanted to record a person event Event Recording doesn’t break it down that way.

As I understand it, to get events at all you have to have either Motion or Sound active under Event Recording. Person Detection tags and filters the recorded events. I’m don’t know if a way to get only person detection events. You can filter your viewing of the total events by either person detection or device.

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Okay that makes sense I was hoping I guess that I could reduce the 5 minute frequent wait times if it wasn’t constantly recording all motion events which occurs frequently due to the camera view of the street. Don’t need it to record a car drive past only a person walking in view. That’s not possible but I understand that’s just a limitation of the process. Thanks!

There is a way but you have to have the Wyze Sense kit. If you use the PIR Motion Sensor in the kit it’s cooldown period is one minute. It can also control multiple cams and has many more options for programming than just the device itself.
Think of the whole system as a pyramid and the devices themselves are the base. The other gadgets build on them.
Check This Info out.