Event record just record person detection

Is there a setting option for just record person detection not for all motion detection.

The idea came from my front door camera which faces to the street. So it would have car motion, birds motion and person motion as well. I only concern the person detection. However it doesn’t has a option that turning off general motion but keeping on for person detection.

I hope this feature will be add on soon

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Welcome to the Forum Community, @welcentliu. My understanding of this is that Person detection, since Wyze developed their own implementation, is processed in the cloud on the events recorded based on the motion detected. Without the cams detecting and recording an event the PD can’t be run.

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But what you can do is use the Person filter on the Events tab so that you only see Person events.


Thanks for your response. I got that. The reason for having this idea is because my front door camera is facing the street. The street has traffics all day long but just few persons may came into my camera. So the camera will detect traffic motions(setting for motion detection is on ) and record thousands of it and useless but no person in it. That is not what I want. I don’t concern the traffic. I only concern if there are persons approaching to my front door. Additionally because the traffic motion is more often to trigger event recording, so when the camera has been triggered for event and recording(the completed event may be last 5 minutes long), if a person approach the door from the 2nd second to 4th second, this event record will not label for person detection. So I can’t filter it out and I don’t know there is a person approached my door unless playback the entire event video. Go back from beginning, because hundreds of traffic motions event records a day, I can’t recognize when and which one has person have approached my door. For what I was thinking, it has the feature for person detection already, why it can’t just record person detection. It could make your camera smarter. I hope you could understand what I said.

But anyway, if it doesn’t have this feature I want is fine. This is just my suggestion your company may could consider in the future. Thanks.

Depending on how the camera is pointed you can try setting the detection zone to filter out the street. You can also try lowering the motion sensitivity which will pick up a person closer to the camera but not a car further away. (Dont just set it and forget it, walk by a few times in light and dark and tweak it to make sure you’re getting correct results)

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The optional CamPlus service might help you a bit, since it does away with that 5 minute “cooldown” blocking period. But the way Wyze’s person detection now works is by first detecting motion and then analyzing for humans. They’re even rolling out vehicle detection so it may get better for you. The number of events will remain the same and the constant motion will continue to be an issue for you. If you can’t point the camera down and away from the traffic, definitely try motion zones and also consider using a PIR (heat) based sensor outside covering only the area people would appear…


Because it doesn’t detect a person and start recording. It detects motion then records, uploads and analyzes that motion video clip to look for people.
You can turn off motion and sound notifications and filter Events for Person only.

The future vehicle detection @Customer mentioned is in Cam Plus only.

Oh! This answer makes sense to me. Appreciate it.

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