How do can I set up only person detect, not motion detect

I just got the wyzecam and can’t seem to get it to record only when it detects a person. It records with any available motion.

Also, how does one set it up so that it records to the SD card instead of the cloud?

Thanks for your help

Hello @raztec and welcome to the community

It will always record on any motion due to the way it works.

It will detect motion and start recording, it will then check and see if there is a person in the recording, if there is it will flag it as person detected, if not it will flag it motion.

You can choose to only be notified of people being detected but it will always record both.

Person detection only works on the cloud videos also. To record to the SD card just make sure record events or record continuous is marked in the local storage area.


Thanks for the reply Jason.
So to record when a person is detected on the SD card, I have to set “detects motion” on in the “Event Recording” function?

To record to the SD card there are two options:

  1. Record events - This will record in one minute increments and any one of those that contains motion will be kept on the card.
  2. Record continuous - This will record 24/7 and will just overwrite the oldest when the card is full.

Both of these items are found in Advanced settings…Local Storage


Ok, thank you.

Unfortunately, the person detect function works very poorly.
I’m trying to set it up where it sends me notifications for Person Detect only, but it nevers seems to detect people consistently. Mostly, it doesn’t at all.

Person detect only works on the cloud recordings not on the SD card recordings

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Ok. Where can I find all this info?
Is there a manual of some sort?

So does one have to either choose cloud or local recording? Can’t have both?

I put a link to the support section below.
You can have both cloud and local recording.
With the cloud recording you get notifications, the local recording does not give notifications. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the support section I linked, just ask and someone will get you an answer.

Where’s the link to the support section?

So how does one set up both local and cloud recording?

Sorry forgot to add link it is there now.

Local recording - Go to the camera in question, upper right there s a gear icon, then advanced settings, then local storage, turn on local recording and choose events only or continuous

Cloud Recording - Go to camera in question, upper right gear icon, event recording, make sure schedule is when you want it to record, turn on detects motion, then go back, go to detection settings adjust as needed, go back, notifications, turn on send notifications then turn on what you want to be notified of

Thanks again.

Obviously, there are still lots of bugs to be worked out.

  1. Camera does not recognize a person. Or it’s very hit and miss. Usually 95% miss.

  2. I’d really prefer the person detect and notification to be recorded on local SD card. As it stands the card gets filled with the detection of the wind blowing the leaves around.

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As for number 1 the AI is still being refined and learning, when viewing the event video at the bottom should be a feedback button where you can say you saw or did not see a person in the video and submit it. I have also seen where it has a hard time detecting people depending on distance and angle.
As for number 2 that is a change they would have to make, currently I use the event videos to notify me then if I want to see more than the 12-seconds I just go to that time on the card and watch the entire video


One would think all this information you just provided me would be in the user manual. Even the online version would be helpful. But no they couldn’t be bothered to pay someone a days’ wage to write this up. To me, that’s an epic fail!

That and the fact that it still doesn’t recognize a person tells me that the developers don’t really have their [act] together. I’ll try their online support to see if that’s of any use. You’ve been very helpful. Thank you!

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I wanted exactly the same functionality - record only when person is detected. I have to delete a bunch of meaningless event recordings every day. There is an extremely simple software solution. When user only want to record person detection, you can still record every event, after finding out that no person is detected, immediately delete the recording.

Another feature I would ask is to allow me select a bunch of events and delete them at the same time, as opposed to delete one at a time.

Welcome to the Wyze community!

This is already a feature in the Wyze app. Open Wyze app, tap on Events Tab, tap on pencil icon top right, Select All, delete.