Confused with Person VS Motion VS Constant recording

I guess I dont understand the different settings to record “person detection” only

While away for a week, I had my camera set to person detection, I did not have cell service most of the time but when I did I received a number of notifcations, but looking at the SD card, there is nothing recorded at all.

is “Detects Motion” required to be on to get “person detection”?
I assume setting “person detection” on should record that event to the SD or am I missing a setting to get “person detection” only recordings?
Shouldnt I be able to more the SD card the the PC and view person events?

All I want is to simply record “person detection” only to the SD nothing else
I DONT want constant recording



There is not truly a way to get only person events recorded to SD, person event processing is done in the cloud. All motion events will record to SD.

There are 2 settings for the SD card, ‘Record Events Only’, this will record ALL events with motion, and ‘Continuous’, this will record everything.
Person detection is done in the cloud. When an event has motion, any motion (inside the detection zone if you have one set) it will record the video and upload to the cloud. It is then processed to see if a person is in the video and the appropriate notification is sent. The only thing you can truly control with person detection vs all motion is the notifications. Motion must be recorded to determine if a person is there and again this is done in the cloud.


Great answer. The app really shouldn’t allow you to leave PD on without motion detection (at least without a warning). Surprised it still does.


Wouldn’t it also work with sound detection or any other event which triggers an event recording?

Thanks for the great explaination, I’m less confused now. but of course not happy :frowning:

Does the camera have to have “cloud connection” at the moment of motion detection? I have another camera that has very poor connection, it comes and goes, I’m wondering if I’m not getting notifications during the non-connected times or if it caches it and sends when connected.

Does anyone know of any other camera like this that will record person detection locally? I just need a record of each person on a daily basis without having to manually go through 24hrs of footage looking for them every day.

Sure there are lots of other brands that do human detection without an internet connection. Unfortunately Wyze is not yet one of them. I can’t recommend one yet but names like Yi and Eufy and Amcrest and Reolink and many more come up in this forum.

Doctor, as Jason implied I do not think that Wyze PD works with sound only detection.

Thanks, I’ll check some out

And if Im understanding right, yes you can turn off motion detection and PD can still be chosen to be on or off, wether it works or not could have been part of my problem.

Under device settings set “detects motion” ON. Set up the Detection Settings. This will record each useless motion detection to your uSD card.

To look at ONLY the Person Detections go to the home screen, press the Events button on the bottom. Select Person and Un-Select Motion.
This will filter out everything but Person Detects from the day.

Not exactly? In my older app version you control the SD recording setting additionally / separately.

Yes, Person Detect will also work with “Continuous recording”. @fred987 complained he didn’t want to manually rifle through 24hrs of footage looking for them (people) every day. If all he is interested in is the Peoples then save space by only recording motion detect and filter with the Events tab.

SD recordings are not on the Events tab. Only the cloud recordings are in Events.
SD recordings are under View Playback while viewing the live camera.

True enough, and filtering for People Only is in the events tab. I’m getting too discombobulated .

WYZE seems to like to keep the app confusing. PD should be a per camera setting under Event Recording with Motion and Sound. This way it would be easy to have PD disabled unless Motion was on.

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Too many nested menu screens without regard to function. Needs to be more intuitive and flow between tasks. Maybe Wyze could channel Steve Jobs for some input on their app.