SD Card versus cloud

I signed up for name your price person detection but I’m not sure I need that. I have a SD card in the camera. Am I reading the description properly: with signing up for Person Detection the camera will no longer actually detect people rather it will detect all motion? Also, with the SD card, I shouldn’t need cloud storage right? This seemed pretty simple when I started investing in these products. I should be able to use continuous recording directly to my SD card, right?

Sorry for the numerous questions - I assume you guys are smarter than me.


The camera has actually always worked this way. What happens is the camera detects any motion, the video then gets sent to the cloud and analyzed on the server, then based on your notification settings it will notify you. If you have notify on person, it will notify when a person is found in the video. If you have notify on motion it will notify you no matter what.

Technically if you are recording to the SD card you do not need cloud storage, however the SD card either records always or on motion. Since the person detection part is performed in the cloud the only way you can be notified of a person is from the cloud processing under ‘name your price’ or CamPlus.

You definitely can but only doing this will not tell you when a person is found. I find it best to use continuous recording AND name your price person detection.

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