Motion still recorded, even if Person only selected

I installed two Wyze cam v2, one in front and the other in backyard. Into Notifications, I selected Person, with All Other Motion disabled. Into Events, I see a lot of Motion recordings and once in a while a Person recording when I pass through the property. A normal behavior would be to see only Person recordings. Did I missed something? Cameras have latest firmware.

You missed the button at the top that filters on Person.
The camera records an Event, then that is processed to find what the AI thinks is a person.


I see, so the camera will detect and record any type of Motion, then label it as Person if it detects an actual person. Thanks for explaining,

yes, all the motion is recorded, but then is analyzed with the AI to determine if it contains a person. then using the filter button you can see only the people. because the AI analyzing is done on the device itself, you can filter notifications so you are only notified of a person detection as well.

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