Person Event vs. Person Notification

I can limit notifications to detection of a person. However, I cannot limit the events recorded to detection of a person. Thus, even though I will be notified only if a person triggered an event, I can still end up with lots of events to sift through caused by light changes (due to clouds, e.g.), tree branches swaying in the wind, etc. Yes, I can check for the event with the notification’s time stamp, but what if I just want to scroll though the events of the day? I want to be able to have only events triggered by a person.

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Just tap the Person button at the top of the Event list and you will then see only person-containing events in the list.


Ok, I got that going just like you said on my pan cam. But without turning on detects motion all I get are videos say a person was detected, but no one is in the video. I also get a ton of motion event recordings. So far it’s not working out. I have a ticket at wyze about this, but it is the weekend so I am waiting for a response.

This is something to go on the wish list. The issue here is “limit the events recorded to detection of a person”, in other words, don’t count it as an event unless the AI filter detects a person. If you want it to work this way, you won’t need the person vs. event notifications option or the Person filter button on Events page.

The “problem” with this suggestion is that Wyze detects an event and then analyses a still frame from the event to detect a person. Thus a person can’t be detected without a normal event being triggered. To this end person detection is thus reliant on normal event detection and the person filter toggle is the best solution to your problem.

It starts with a motion trigger, sure but since the person AI filter is on the camera itself, I’d think it’s possible to skip the cloud upload and notifications once the frame analysis completed with no person detected.

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@vhoang99 Please write this up as a submission for the #wishlist and I’ll approve it. Please include at least all the detailed description that you’ve provided here.