Cam Plus Person Alert

I have a Cam Plus subscription on one of my V3 Cameras and want it to detect only people but can’t find a way to set it up this way. Is this not possible?

There are 2 filter buttons on top of the Events page, “Person” and “Motion”. Select “Person” and unselect “Motion. That will do what you want.

You can’t set it to “detect” only people.

You can set it to detect motion (Event Recording > Detects Motion) and provide notifications of only people (Notifications > Wyze AI Events (On) All Other Motion Events (Off) Sound Events (Off)). This will result in cloud events for all motion, but notifications only for people. Most of my v3 cams are configured this way. These settings are for the production app.

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Well, that sucks. I have this camera watching my driveway and I get a ton or recordings of cars pass my house, when all I want to see are people that come onto my property. Because a vehicle triggers the recording, during that time period a person can and has walked onto my property. So now I have to actually review each and every recording because one labeled as just motion, could also have a person in it. Wish Wyze gave us the option to record people only.

You can either go through the person notifications to get to the person video events or as @Ipil60R34s noted above, just go to Events and tap the Person filter button to show only person events.

When I review my events page, the 1st thing I do is filter by person. If I’m bored or suspicious, I’ll go through the hundreds to thousands of non-person motion events also. It’s pretty rare that I come across a person event that wasn’t tagged correctly. But I do come across person events that have no people quite often. It’s getting better, and what I have is far better than nothing at all. :grinning:

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When a person is anywhere in the cam’s view and a car passes by triggering motion, it should be tagged as Motion and Person. Note that even if you have a motion detection zone defined, person detection analyzes the entire frame for people. There could be a person walking 100 feet in the distance and it will get tagged Person. Conversely, if there is no motion within your detection zone and a person walks outside that zone but still within the cam’s view, it will not trigger an event.

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The problem is sometimes it detects people as just motion. Plus, I don’t want all those videos recorded. I don’t get why Wyze can’t make it so it only records when we set it to record, people, motion, sound. Is it really that hard to implement?

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I’m aware of this but I can’t find a good reason to do things this way. I prefer that only if a person or part of a person is inside the detection zone should trigger a person alert. That’s what a zone is about.

If I were to guess, this is a kludge. The original detection logic assumes the detection zone is the whole frame. When users asked about a detection grid, they did it halfway. They added the grid but didn’t want to rework the original detection code.

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To do what you want, the person detection analysis would have to be done in firmware. It’s not hard, but it’s not easy. Wyze did a server-side approach for expeditious reasons. I seem to recall Wyze saying they’re working on getting the logic back into firmware on-cam in an AMA event.

I agree. :+1:

As far as I can tell, it isn’t. They will probably get it ironed out before long, but the app doesn’t show the option to set notifications to “ai event”, ie person detection for the v3.

It works pretty well on the v2 though. Yes, motion inside the detection zone will trigger recording (and upload) and a person outside the detection zone will then cause that clip to notify as a person detection event, but that’s usually not a real frequent occurrence. In general their server side person detection works as well (or possibly better than) the old third party person detection that ran in the cam firmware.

It might be possible to play with the old person detection, if you dig through the archived firmware versions from a year and a half back or so. You would also have to find an apk of the app from that timeframe to go with it though, and obviously that’s only going to work for the v2 or pan cams.

In most cases that wouldn’t work too well. The client software (the app) and the server software should stay in sync. Even in cases of slight API and/or client changes, big problems can occur.

In fact, I suspect some of the Wyze app “bugs” are really due to server bugs.

Seapup, what I want is a way to do recordings that are only for persons or motion or both, whatever I check in the settings. To me that makes sense and useful, and I’d think it would be something Wyze would implement.

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