Cam Plus not differentiating between people, pets or anything else

I set my Cam Plus to only detect the motions of people. Yet I still get notifications every time a pet moves or even a tree moves with the wind. Is there a fix for this?

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There isn’t anyway to set detection to only people. You can set notifications which will only send push notifications for people. You will still see events tagged in the event tab with the other categories if you don’t disable them.

Can you post a screenshot of your settings?

I have no idea how to do a screen shot on my phone but when you go into SETTINGS to Event Recording (PLUS)… C+ Smart Detection…it says Wyze detection. I have Person Detection and Vehicle turned on. Package detection and Pet detection is turned off. What is this for? I am getting push notification with pets, the wind blowing a tree and anything else that moves. I want to limit this to people.

Go back to those setting and choose person only . Go to setting, notifications and turn all other motion off and Wyze AI events on.


My perception of the CamPlus Lite rollout is that it is a CLUSTER !
So much conflicting and confusing information !
And gotta do some things in the app, or MAYBE on the website? Geesh.

On my non CamPlus cams, if I lose my 12 second cloud clips because of a so called Feb 16th deadline, I think I will start looking elsewhere for my security cam setup.

Person Detection sounds like a positive for me, could potentially save me much time, having to wade thru so many motion videos, and it would be a positive for Wyze, since less videos going to the cloud (contrary to what I’ve seen saying that it costs Wyze more money).

I will wait to see how this works before I start sending any money for CamPlusLite and I don’t like being pressured to take action before the Feb 16th deadline. It all needs to BE MORE CLEAR… like a single webpage with all of the pertinent information, for these forums suck, it’s like blab school… but then that’s another issue.

Currently, in most cases you can name your price for Cam Plus Lite (CPL), this includes $0. so if you wait, you will probably lose the ability to sign-up for $0. My recommendation would be to sign-up for CPL to ensure you don’t lose the option to pick your price.

In addition, by doing this, you wont lose your 12 second cloud recording. After the date, you will only get thumnails and no 12 second recordings. I would also put an SD Card in your Camera’s and set it for Continuous Recording. By doing this, you will get continual recording with no 5 minute cool-down and no 12 second limitation.


My person detection works great :rofl:

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Thanks, I did just what you suggested. I will see today if it helps.

I believe person detection is done on the servers, not on the camera. CamPlusLight will not change the number or type of videos going to the cloud. It will only change notifications you get back from the cloud. And yes, it should be a positive for you.

But you can filter what events you want to view like this:

I guess my only purpose for security cameras is to protect our property. We live in a nice upscale community but that seems to attract criminals. Last weekend we had a thug walking though our community at 3:20am checking car doors to see who left theirs’s open so he could steal what was there. Our upstairs camera caught the guy but I wanted on that was low enough to also perhaps catch a face. We have the Wize camera’s inside of our house protecting all entrances and upstairs monitoring my wife’s office space as well as a gun case. We have everything i our yard from raccoons, skunks, possums to cats. I really don’t want the push notices coming in every time a leaf blows or some of the local wild life walks by. Just when a person enters our property. I set zones in our other system that handles this well. I do have all of the settings on the Wize outdoor cam set on Persons.

I have 4 cams on CamPlus and after ‘enrolling’ my other cams with CPL, I have not been taken to any place in the app that requests a donation.

A friend of mine, who I talked into getting 3 cams, has none of them on CamPlus. When he enrolled his cams with CPL, up came the request for donation. He informs me that it will not accept a zero amount.

We both enrolled yesterday, and so far, person detection does NOT seem to be working on my CPL cams or his cams, leaving us wondering if we are actually ‘enrolled’ ahead of the Feb 16th deadline.

So many discrepancies and mysteries with this CPL rollout. FRUSTRATED
Person Detection on my CamPlus cams is working.

Person detection done on the servers… well, that explains why PD costs Wyze money and why they are requesting donations. Ya know, that fact should’ve been stated to us in the communications we have received re CPL. Geesh.
We need ONE place on describing everything about CPL instead all this ‘chaos’ on the forum here. That’s my perception of this, anyway.

I subscribed to the person detection push notifications. It will work for awhile, then it stops working. When I contacted the help center they walked me through updating the camera, etc… But after awhile it stops working again, or working sporadically. It is very frustrating and I’m very annoyed with having to go through all the steps needed to get it working again, but only for brief periods. The camera does record person detections but I don’t get the push notifications so I have cancelled my monthly subscription.

We have V2,V3, and the outdoor cameras and ours is working just fine no issues

Mine is an indoor camera. I canceled the monthly fee I was being charged for person notification since it didn’t work continuously for me

I just checked my 11 V3 and there decoding right their all on cam plus

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