Cam Plus Lite won't allow me to filter notifications

I haven’t had any luck reaching out to support, so I thought I’d ask about this here:

On the page for Cam Plus Lite (Cam Plus Lite | Home Monitoring & Security Service Plans | Wyze), it says:

Person Detection makes Wyze Cam way more useful. It can filter out motion notifications for things you don’t care about , like swaying tree branches, insects, and headlights. You’ll get a specialized alert when your camera sees a person.

Before Cam Plus and Cam Plus Lite launched, I used to be able to filter notifications from the notifications settings. It gave me separate options for notifying for “all motion events” vs only for “person” events. This option is no longer on the notifications settings page on IOS. It only shows “Motion Events” with a toggle to turn it on and off. From what I’ve seen around the web, this extra setting exists on Android versions of the app, but I can’t confirm.

Is this what others are seeing on IOS version of the app? What about Android? I’ve tried completely factory resetting all my cameras, deleting them from the app, removing my cam plus lite subscription, and setting it all up again with no luck. I have both V2 and V3 cameras on the app.

I should also note that I am receiving “person” events. When I get a notification, it does specify “person detection” if applicable vs regular “motion” events. I’m just unable to filter the notifications.

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The options in the Device Notifications Settings page in each cam model is determined by the version of cam firmware as well as by the app version UI. Please post your firmware versions and your app version.

I don’t have a V2 Cam to test it, but I do have a V3 that I placed onto Cam Plus Lite to test the Notification Settings page. This is from the current Android Production App of a V3 running the most current Beta Firmware.

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On my V2:
I don’t have a V3 set up at the moment but can update this when I add one back on later today

iOS app version: 2.42.1 (1)
I don’t know what the parentheses are but that’s how it appears in the settings.

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