Culling v3 cam "events" log by time/person

I have the Wyze v3 cam, and view it on iphone 7.

I have about a dozen cameras I monitor, so it is important to me to cull “events” to only needed information. I’d like to only have “human detection” be added to the events log, and I’d only like to get these added to “events” during select hours at night. Is there a way to do one or both of these?



Welcome to our user community, @wesleykey!

Do you have Cam Plus on your cameras? That is needed for person detection.

If you do, then you can turn motion detection for a specific camera on and off using a Rule ( Home tab > ‘+’ in top left corner, or camera’s settings > Rules ). A scheduled rule can limit event recordings to specific hours, while leaving the possibility of live streaming active.

On limiting the event recordings to only people , you can’t do that. However, you can limit NOTIFICATIONS of those recordings. If you go to the Account tab > Services > Cam Plus > [specific camera], you can turn off all AI detections other than Person Detection. Then if you go to that same camera’s settings under Notifications, you can turn off All Other Motion Events. Then you will only be notified of people. But because Event recording has to be set to Detects Motion, you will still get event recordings for ALL movement. You just won’t get a push notification unless it’s a person.

To reduce unwanted motion recordings, you can use the camera’s Detection Settings (sensitivity & detection zone). If a person is a good percentage of the overall picture, then you can set sensitivity very low (maybe as low as 1).

New Shound,

Thanks very much for the assist. I’m hoping the changes I have made help out. I don’t quite follow the “rule” creation, though. Right now I have a rule that notifications are muted during daylight hours, but they are not presently muted.