Can I ONLY capture people/pets and NOT cars on EVENT RECORDINGS

I just recently installed two Outdoor Cams because I have a bad dog human who keeps throwing their poop bags behind my row of cedar hedging. The purpose of the cam is to only capture people walking on the sidewalk with their dogs. I want to figure out which neighbour might be doing this, that’s all. After 20+ bags of poop left on my property, I’d had it with this human.

I have Cam Plus.
My settings:
-I have turned on the “Smart Detection” to pick up only people and pets.
-“Detects Motion” is turned on.
-I have only highlighted the sidewalk in my “Detection Settings” and not the street.
-My sensitivity setting are sort of mid way at 50ish.

But I still pick up every single car that drives by. I don’t want or need to record every car. Am I doing something wrong?

Under “Event Recordings” if I turn OFF “Detects Motion” does that also cancel the “Smart Detection” and then nothing gets recorded?

As I said, I only want to record people walking on the sidewalk, not cars. And I thought that by selecting the sidewalk in the “Detection Settings” picture that I should avoid cars, but not so far.

Will the AI learn to stop recording cars?

In the App Event screen near the top, only select Person (make sure Motion and other AI buttons are off). This will only show you Persons even though all Motion is recorded.

Unless, you are saying Cars are being tagged as people.

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The recording is done at the camera. The camera detects motion based on your settings then if the motion is more than your thresholds are the clip is uploaded to the cloud. Once in the cloud, the AI then analyses the clip for recgonized objects (person, vehicle, pet,package) and then you are notified based on your settings. You can then filter out undesirable options in the event tab so that you are only shown videos that are tagged to what recgonized objects that you want to see.

The camera when it detects motion doesn’t know if it’s detecting a vehicle or a person yet, it just sees motion.

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If you have a window facing that direction, I would put a V3 on the window sillplugged into the outlet with IR off. Then I would put an SD Card in the camera and set it to continuous recording. Then you can go through the continuous feed until you catch them. you can also go through the events as well.