Cam Pus question

I’m new to Cam Plus unlimited.
I would like to know if I can use ALL Motion in event recording in concert with specific Smart Detections.
I’m trying to capture all motion but eliminate Vehicles from my recordings.

In settings I go to “Event Recordings”. Then select “All Motion”. Then go to Smart Detections and uncheck Vehicle. Will this give me all motions but NOT vehicles ? I’ve tried this but it seems to overide at times. Your suggestions please…tlhutch4

Hey slabslayer, can you weigh in on my post above. I believe you are knowledgeable about this and have helped me previously on other topics…tlhutch4

This will still record all motion including recording vehicles, but it will not send you a “Vehicle” notification because you told the AI not to detect vehicles…but it will still detect the motion caused by the vehicle.

There isn’t currently a way to detect all motion except for a certain object, only a way to record all motion but not get notifications for a certain object, only other objects (like person, pet, package, etc).

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