IOS - Motion Detection Settings - WAY TO CONFUSING

Motion Detection settings need to be setup in one place and a clear fashion… way to convulted.

There are motion detection with and without cam plus.

The options should all be in one place on a per camera basis. Choosing what you want to detected and recorded should be clearly easily selectable, it isnt.

“other motion” that is not selected to be recorded SHOULD NOT BE RECORDED or at least should not be shown as a recording.

Notifications similar only based on what you want to be notified “of” any motion, sound, people, dog, etc…

So even though in the services/ai - Person detection is only selected we are getting motion events and recordings when using the camplus subscription. this is wrong

All motion is recorded and sent to the cloud, it is in the AI services in the cloud that the tags for person or other smart detections are added and you get the filter.

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