Question about Event Recording Settings for V3

Wyze Cam V3, Under Event Recording settings. it lists “Detects Motion”, “Detects Sound” and “Cam Plus AI Detection”. Are all three separate settings or is AI Detection connected to the Motion Detection setting. Example: If I have Motion Detection and Sound Detection OFF, however turn ON “Person Detection” in the AI section, will the Cam still detect a person and then clip the video and me a notification when notifications are on but motion detection is set to off?

Yes, sort of. You need to turn on Detect Motion as this is needed for it to capture events. The CamPlus is used for filtering and tagging of the events.

Notifications is where you filter what you would like to be notified of. There I would set either AI or All motion. I set AI only for most camera’s and All Motion + AI on one camera. Notifications then will indicate what it found.

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