AI Only setting for Event Recording does not persist

I set both event recording and notifications for AI events only. However, after closing the Wyze app (but not logging out), all motion detection is recorded and notifications sent. I reopened the Wyze app and the event recording setting had reverted to all motion.

Note: this would be a great feature if it worked.


All motion events are recording and only my ai events are notifying me. Doesn’t work.

Please let us know what cam you are using here. The ability to set Event Recording to AI events only is limited to only a few cam models. This feature is also in the Beta Firmware for the V3.

Also, please provide the firmware version installed on the cam and the version of the app so that others can test the feature in the same environment, troubleshoot issues, and confirm it if it is a bug.


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@lovemyjeep, same questions as above.

Need to have cam type, FW version and app version to test and confirm.

Event Recording set to “detect motion” AI events set to person detection only

Notifications set to Wyze AI Events


Your V3 is on the public release Firmware version.

The V3 public release does not have the ability to selectively change the Event Recording to AI Events Only and also lacks the ability to selectively choose which AI notifications you get.

In order to get these, you would need to install the Beta Firmware as it has not yet been publicly released for the V3.

So far it looks like it is working as intended. What are your notification settings for this cam?

Person only notifications however the email notification says AI events only recording AND notifications. My events tab is full of general motion event recording so it isn’t working as intended as per the latest email


Thank you so much for the email post! First time I have seen that.

It also may be premature from Wyze as the feature has been in testing in the Beta version only. The only way for the V3 to get this feature is thru a Firmware update, which I have not yet seen released.

Hang tight. I am going to escalate this to Wyze and find out why the email went out before the firmware update.


Well this makes more sense. Thanks for clearing this up.

I am running the App Beta so I only see Beta Updates for my cams. When you go to Firmware Updates, do any updates show available for the V3?

Also, this is what it is supposed to look like once the firmware update is released for the V3:

I haven’t received an email on this yet, have you?

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No. I have escalated this to the Community Managers to get some clarification.

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AI events only recording sounds like just another thing that won’t work as advertised from Wyze. The AI has been terrible on all of my V2 and V3 cameras, most of the time is doesn’t label moving vehicles or pets and often it doesn’t label people. The only thing it seems to be good at is labeling parked vehicles, which is something no one cares about.

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No updates available and My options don’t look like yours. Can’t wait to try this out. This may be a solution for bugs/fog etc

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Just wanted to make sure public release Firmware hadn’t been released without an announcement. Looks like it hasn’t been released yet if nothing is showing for you.

Yes. It is a BIG improvement over the current settings limitations.

Once I get something back from Wyze, I will post back or have them post in. But, it is officially the weekend. If you are really itching to test it out, you can always opt into the Beta Testing program. I have been testing it with several cams with only minor glitches found.

I got confirmation back from one of the Wyze Community Managers working late. The feature highlighted in the email for “AI Events Only Recording” requires a Firmware update on the V3 cam to access the feature. While this is available now in the current Beta build of the V3 Firmware, The Public Release of the V3 Firmware hasn’t been released yet. It is scheduled for Public Release in the near future. Make sure your App is up to date and keep an eye on your V3 Firmware Updates page in the app for the next update to become available soon. Also monitor new topics here in the forum as Wyze will post the update announcement in a new topic when it releases.

In addition to the “AI Events Recording Only”, it will also introduce the new Notification Settings options shown in my screenshot above.


I am running firmware beta version on my Cam3.
The feature also “appears” on Cam2 and PanCam, which are also running the latest beta firmware versions.
Wyze iOS app version is 2.35.0 (13)

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Thanks for the confirmation on the other models!

The PanV1 and V2 Beta FW that introduced these features has been released into the wild w\ version 4.x.9.1433, so it should be active for anyone who had their cams on that beta build or users who got the public release Firmware update in the slow rollout.

The PanV2 (áşž and V3 (áşž are still in Beta testing but both are in the Release Candidate build so they should pass QA soon.

AI related notifications, whether CamPlus, CamPlusLite, etc are essentially entirely broken at this point. You can “complete motion” detections, but that is it.

I’ve already been in contact with appropriate support about it.

Interesting. All my CamV3 on Public Firmware, and the ones on Beta Firmware, as well as my PanV1 and VDBv1 on Public Firmware are notifying AI as expected. I have All Other Motion notifications turned off.

The only problem I experienced w\ the new notifications options was when there were multiple tags on the same AI Event and one tag was toggled off in the notifications settings. Reported that in the V3 Beta thread.