No events recorded / notifications since the 27th June

I have 2 wyze cam v3 with plus subscription. No event is present after the 27th in the “Events” tab, no notification either anymore. Events are recorded on the sdcard though.

Rebooted the cams : same
Erased the android app cache : same
Installed wyze beta app on android : same

What’s going on ?

What are your settings for event recording and notifications?

Record motion : smart detection events
Notifications : motion events person…

Just to be clear : I haven’t changed anything in the settings, the problem is clearly on wyze side.

I’ve had no issues with mine, I get several a day.

Just to note, you may not have changed any settings, but I did see someone recently say that a firmware update may have changed settings inadvertently. I tried to find that thread, but couldn’t remember who posted it or who commented.

Have you checked the sensitivity settings or detection zone to verify that something didn’t change during an update?

Nothing has changed, and as I said, the events are still recording on the sdcard (no continuous recording enabled).

It all started on the 27th…
I am on the latest firmware.

Did you accidentally snooze the notifications from the app’s main page?

Also, under the events tab, did you clear all the filters to make sure the events aren’t hidden?

If you can post screenshots of what you’re seeing in the settings and the events page filter that would be useful (I’m a visual person).

Nope, not snoozed
It’s not filter related since I can still see the events dating back before the 27th

I will post screenshots later, but I’m 99% sure it’s server side related.

Shame there isn’t a webui version of the app…

Just shared my cam with another user, no event related to mine on his feed either…

I’m using the iOS app and getting to much. The V3 for my deck is set for Person Pet only and it has been recording motion events all last night and all today. The other 7 camera events all show up OK.

***Fixed my issue by doing a cam power cycle. Power was off yesterday for 3 hours and cam came back with the power but it appears it did not start correctly so this time it worked.

I might be wrong, but I think if you share a cam with a another user, they would only see new recording/events and not ones previous to the share.

Here’s one of my v3 camera events for today.

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IIRC you can see the previous events, can’t test it right now though.

My theory is my cam events aren’t uploaded to the wyze servers for whatever reason. That would explain why they don’t show up anywhere except on the sdcard.

Have you tried rebooting your router?

I don’t think it’s a server issue, or there’d be a lot of reports of outages from other users.

Did you put some kind of IP blacklist in effect the 27th ?

My internet connection is fine, and I have a static IP so it won’t change anything…

I only asked as I had an issue a year or two ago where I wasn’t getting anything on the event page from wyze, and assumed it was on wyze’s end, because I was having no connectivity issues with anything else in my house. But, restarting my router fixed it.

I’m just trying to think of anything I’ve seen and other troubleshooting steps I’ve seen suggested/worked in the forums.

This is primarily a user to user forum, so I’m not sure about blacklisting ip.

Hey, @carverofchoice got any ideas of what to check? (He’s really good at troubleshooting and identifying possible causes).

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Oh, I thought you were from the wyze staff…

Sometimes SecOps enables an IP blacklist on the firewalls, and it starts blocking legit connections due to false positives, happens all the time…

I will try to reboot it as you said, just to be sure.

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Oh, have you tried changing the event recording setting to all motion events and then set the notifications to person/vehicle/etc?

That could help determine if there is a server side issue with the AI

I’m flattered, but no. I’m just a techy nerd and I like helping with this kinda stuff.

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Good point, just did that but it could be a server issue without AI involved, every recorded video has to be uploaded to the servers in order to show up on the events feed whether they are analyzed or not.
Can’t test it right now, but will keep you posted


Please do! I hope it can get figured out and resolved. I’ll pop in and out today between errands, so if I don’t respond I assure you I’ll be back at some point. :grin: