Record and Notify Events for Cam Plus AI Events Only

I have CamPlus on all my cameras. I would like them to record and notify me only when a Cam Plus AI event occurs, so in the “Event Recording” section of my camera settings, I have Motion Detection turned off, and all of the Cam Plus AI Detection settings on. Then, when I go into Notifications, the “Notify me when” controls are greyed out with the message “You will not receive these notifications until you enable Event Recording”. So, what’s going on here? It seems I have to enable event recording for Motion and record a lot of junk (shadows, reflections, leaves, etc) in order to get what I really want - just the Cam Plus AI stuff.

The camplus ai analyzes the video in the cloud. Your camera first needs to upload its motion detected video, then once uploaded the AI tags recognizable objects, then notifies you based on your settings. If you only want the campus AI notifications you can set it to that, then set your event tab filters to only show AI tags. That way all the"junk"clips will not show when you look at your event tab.

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