Have Cam Plus but still records vehicles even though detection is off

Like the topic says… Trying to catch a neighbor who doesnt pick up his dog poop… I have 5 dogs myself but always pick up their poop…

I have a Cam V3 at my bedroom window but it constantly records vehicles driving by…In the Smart Detection i have Vehicle detection OFF but yet still records…why??

The setting for Vehicle is for notifications only, it doesn’t stop the camera from recording vehicles.
The camera records everything it sees and will send a notification to you for whatever your setting are like person, pet, package, vehicle or all other motion. If you only want to see a certain type of event like person, use the filters on top of the events page.

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With Vehicle Detection turned off in the Event Recording → Smart Detection settings, you shouldn’t be getting any AI Event Videos tagged as Vehicle. And, with that setting off, you should also not get any Vehicle Event notifications even with Detects Wyze AI Events toggled on in your Notification Settings.

You will, however, receive a Motion notification for every vehicle… or anything else that produces motion, if you have the Detects Any Other Motion turned on in your Notification Settings.

I have several cams shooting thru windows at the yard with the street and have no issues with any Vehicle notifications: