Unwanted event recordings- Lighting Changes/Vehicles

Despite detection settings for Person and Pet ONLY, my disc gets event recordings for all lighting changes from night time car headlights (and therefore “Vehicles” event recordings). I’ve changed the sensitivity percentages just to see if help. Also tried de-selecting the ‘motion’ trigger for event recordings, but then the cam3 doesn’t record any events.

It’s a waste of disc space and my time deleting the many many ‘vehicle’ event recordings. Tips, fixes, ideas welcome :slight_smile: Thanks!!

When you say Disc space, do you mean Micro SD Card storage space? If so, the oldest files should auto delete when the cards starts to fill up.

As for Cloud Event videos, they auto delete after 14 days.

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Thank you Steven. Yes, the card storage space.

My main point is I cannot get the event recordings to comply with my settings to record ONLY “Person” and “Pets”

I need to scroll through all events bc “Person” is not always recognized - It’s also my wasted time and attention, I guess- to be more accurate - that bothers me. And hoping my settings bring results I choose :slight_smile:

That is: I don’t want lighting changes from cars’ headlights to trigger recordings.

SD Card recordings are not controlled by AI. They are set to either continuous or events, which records all motion. AI is for cloud recording only and will absolutely get triggered as you describe. You can try reorienting the camera to avoid some things, but they just aren’t that accurate.

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Since the SD Card Motion Event video recording is not controlled by the AI Recording settings in Event Recording, it can be frustrating scrubbing the SD Card event timeline for specific events.

One thing you can do to make it a bit easier is to use the Events tab in the app to get to the SD Card videos you want to view.

With your cloud upload Event Recording for Person and Pet selections enabled, you can set your filters (funnel icon) in the Events tab to only show you those types of events in the list for all or selected cams. When you see an event video that you want to view on the SD Card, you can open it and allow the cloud uploaded video to start. At the bottom, click on the SD Card icon labeled “Playback”. It will take you to the SD Card Video footage at the exact timestamp the event happened so you can view it from the SD Card.

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ah, good to know that I’m talking about AI settings that only record to the cloud. The camera angle is as needed to see what we need to see, so that’s that deal ') Thank you!

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Thank you SlabSlayer ~ Your suggestions make sense and I use those. The issue is that the camera is not labeling the events properly frequently. That is, the trigger was lighting change from a nighttime vehicle only while the person jogging or walking by in a more dimly lit area is not recognized as “Person”. So I have to scroll thru all events.

Steve’s input about needing to use the cloud recordings might be the issue…? Just prefer to keep all my ‘stuff’ just ‘at home’. We’ll see, though. Let me know if I’m misunderstanding your points SlabSlayer.

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I think you have it. Since you have Cam Plus and you have AI Events enabled, all those videos are uploaded to the cloud server. There isn’t any way to get those locally since all the AI software is on the server and the SD Card doesn’t have any AI.

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After a long chat with Katrina, who’s extremely helpful, it’s clear all my cloud and AI access are intact. The Detection Zones and specific event recording triggers are just not working.

She is referring the issues / sharing the issues with developers.