Cam recording all kinds of motion events outside of "Detection Zone"

I made a detection zone and it is on for a cam outside. It records and alerts me every minute about a branch on a tree swaying that is far outside the detection zone.

what am i doing wrong?

Hi. I’m a fellow customer.

Wyze cams’ non-detection zone will be the greyed-out squares. Try reversing the ones you’ve selected.

Please let us know if that doesn’t help.

Please review the following thread for a pretty detailed analysis of something fairly similar to what you are asking:

It might help give you some ideas about how to mitigate your experienced issues involving the detection zone.


Hi PorterMonkey, as CarverOfChoice suggested, check out the thread he linked as there is a lot of helpful information in it.
Just to be clear, the “detection zone” will be the clear blocks, and anything you do NOT want triggering recordings will be in the darker blocks.
As you’ll see in my ticket (thread), it was still triggering even inside the dark blocks but I was able to tweak the Sensitivity less and less until it finally quite triggering on movement inside the dark blocks.
So bottom line it was the combination of ensuring the dark blocks were covering an area slightly larger than the actual movement, then tweaking the sensitivity down (probably around 55%) until I got the results I expected.
Hope this helps you.

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I’m glad to hear an update from you that everything seems to still be working a lot better a few weeks later, and wasn’t just a fluke of working well for a couple of days! :slight_smile: Thanks for checking in here. :slight_smile:

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I still get an occasional false trigger from the dervish, but for the most part it works as expected. Your scrutiny of the movements of shadows, chains, wind chimes, etc. made me much more aware of things that can trigger recs. I have a gazillion trees on my property, and sunny windy days make the shadows become a trigger-fest where I have to actually take one camera offline because you would have to mask too much area during certain hours.
Other than having a V3 Brick, I’ve been quite happy with my cameras and doorbell for the last 3 years. Now that I’m retired, I can spend a little more time in the Forum helping folks, too. I’ve tried Facebook Wyze Forum, and I can only take so much of those folks!!!
Thanks again for all your help Carver!!! It was enjoyable working (and solving) with you and look forward to more in the future!

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