V3 Cam Strange Behavior

Have not seen this issue: Camera sending notifications for movement in the grayed-out portion of the detection zone area. I used the motion tracking feature to confirm this issue. Sensitivity and distance set to 40. Any hints on how to fix this?

Not sure if you are on CP or CPL, but… Just because you see the green tracking box, that doesn’t mean that was the specific motion that triggered the event.

Any motion, or light pixelation change, within the active detection zone will trigger a motion event. When the cam then starts to capture, the video is sent to the Wyze Cloud for AI Interrogation. The AI Bot will then look at the entire frame for motion in an attempt to identify an object, not just the detection zone.

So it is possible for an AI event outside the detection zone from a false ‘motion’ trigger inside the zone that isn’t motion tracked.

If you have base plan, you can still get false motion within the zone without a tracking box that will trigger an event with motion tracking of another object outside the zone.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried it with and without CamPlus (I moved the subscription to the cam to test.) No change in behavior. Your explanation is appreciated, however, there needs to be a fix for this notification issue. Why have a detection zone that doesn’t work correctly? Simply, it’s unacceptable.

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No argument here! The latest run of updates, changes, upgrades, improvements, and reconfigurations on the Wyze Cloud and AI Algorithms have rendered the platform less than reliable …

  1. Increased false positive motion activations (+50%)
  2. Increase false positive AI tagging (+50%)
  3. Increase in missed events and AI tags - no detection.
  4. Decrease in notifications for events (-75%)
  5. Decreased detection zone accuracy

The list can go on and the forum is filled with instances. Wyze has their work cut out for them if they value keeping customers.

I have this same issue every night records motion when its in a area that is grayed out on the camera it’s like detection zone does not work at all even gave it extra room for light