I'd upload 15 false alarm videos (in three days while away) from my 5 cameras

But I deleted them. I know it is a $20 camera, but quite frankly this is a PITA when it false alarms on sun light/shadows or a light turning on. Thankfully it does not fall alarm on smoke or CO2 - but I am not sure how effective it is about detecting them either.

Yes, multiple alerts for stuff that shouldn’t matter.

It is using a frame by frame difference to detect “motion”, and even at the lowest sensitivity it is tripping on things that it shouldn’t.

They need to provide an adjustable range for users to outline like the iZON cameras. Should be an easy add for them. Reduces false alarms significantly.

Yes, right now its using a pixel comparison algorithm, so any changes in the frame will be detected. We are working on a better solution and have turned down the sensitivity in recent updates! You also have the option in your settings to turn down the sensitivity.

yeah i had to turn off my alerts since noise from outside or shadows were tripping mine a lot even on low.

My cameras when in night vision record things that aren’t even there. It looks like water drops but they go from the bottom up, or streak across the view of the camera. I turned the sensitivity to the lowest setting and still getting 5 to 10 alerts a night! I hope I don’t have ghosts!

Even with the latest firmware in the beta ( I’m still getting alerts every 5-10 mins from both my cameras looking out from the house. I have trees and even small amounts of wind and small movements of branches trigger the motion detection even with it set on low. Same on both camera’s. This picture show just how much it’s recording and it’s set to ‘record on event.’ And there is nothing moving in the picture - other than the minimal movement of leaves on the trees. Nothing you would notice on the video feed when looking at it!

I exp. the motion sensor constantly alerting and then decided to turn the function off and only have the cam monitor sound at low levels. We have two dogs that rome the house and one that hangs out in my office 24/7, which promted disabling the motion detection. If your using your WYZECAM to capture movement then I would say leave it on and just hang in there until the correct parts are added within a software/firmware update…

When it comes to sound? Works perfect! I can leave the TV on for the pups at a decent level that does not trigger the sound alarm.

In all fairness if the smoke/CO2 detector is something that you want to test, push the test button on your detector and see if it catches it. You may need to hold it in for a few seconds to be sure it processes it and doesn’t have some test flag or something.