Anyone else getting endless false alert? I’ve turned off sound alert and have motion on ‘low.’ Better, but still… I have the camera pointing out the window during the day and expect there might be some reflection tripping the alerts. Today it is cloudy and no false alerts yet. Also noticed that while it has caught the occasional delivery truck, it only sometimes catches me driving up? Is it that smart…? I was told it detects, not motion, but pixel group changes and they’re working on this. I like this company.

Yes, same issue. I have mine above the front door under the eve and I receive non stop alerts when set on Low Sensitivity. I’ve read it has a 5 minute “cool off” period after motion is detected, so with so many falser alerts, I miss actual activity. I think if they work on zone based alerts this would help a lot. Very cool camera though.

I was also told by someone at WYZE that alerts are short, but recordings due to alerts are longer, up to a minute, so if you have a micro sd card, check the recording. Yes, very cool tech for $20…