V3 Outdoor Motion and Sound Sensitivity

Love the V3, but anyone else having issues with the Outdoor sensitivity?

Sound - Not optimized for outdoors. Way too sensitive even at the lowest level. Wind noise sets it off so it’s totally useless.
Motion - Again, not optimized for outdoors. At night, even at low settings (less than 20) bugs flying in the field of view set it off. During the day, shadows set it off. Setting it too low results in people and vehicles (actual targets) being skipped.

I replaced a 7 year old Foscam that didn’t have these issues. I have to say - the V3 has nice image quality, but the detection algorithm needs lots of work. Basically a toggle for Outdoors with some filtering would improve the performance greatly.

Anyone else?

I don’t have a V3 yet but it sounds like the same problems I had with the V2. Turning off LED lights for night vision mode, along with person detection, solved most of them.

This should be a slam dunk for the V3. Keep the LED lights off.

I see stuff ‘zipping’ around’ like bugs. It’s not bugs. My camera is outside and the temp is now 30 F. Maybe it’s electronic noise getting into the video. I turned off the LEDs which cleared it up.

It could be small ice crystals in the air. I have seen this happen on mine in low temperatures. They aren’t really visible to the naked eye but on the cam they look like schools of fish in the ocean.


When it’s below freezing and the temperature drops to the dew point, you get frozen dew. Not visible unless staring into a strong floodlight, but the cams easily pick it up with infrared. I just leave my IR turned off.


Yep that was what I was talking about

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Thanks. :+1: This is a new phenomenon for me. I did bring the camera inside and play with the infrared. I am glad to report that I did not observe any dew bugs/swarms.