Motion detection on new V3 camera

Just got my new V3 cameras and cards put in them. I only setup 1 so far in my backyard. At night there are these tiny particles that are setting off motion detection and I kept lowering the sensitivity all the way down to “1” and it still happens. I will get about 10 triggers an hour. I stood next to the camera to see what the particles were but I cannot see them with my eye they are so small but I’m guessing it’s just normal dust in the air. I will try to upload one of the videos (it’s one that has many particles go by so you can see them better but sometimes it’s only a single 1 particle that sets it off). I can’t trust the motion detection right now as soo far they have been 100% false triggers.

Not sure what I can do. oh and it’s the latest firmware, installed a few minutes after latest update so I cannot say if it did this before the update or not.

Well, it says new users cannot upload attachments (I’ve signed up to this group probably a year ago but don’t know if I ever posted before.

Unfortunately, this is fairly common. With the V3, you might turn Night Vision Mode off and see if that helps. The camera works well in low lighting without night mode.

You can leave night vision mode on, but I believe it’s the ir light from the camera illuminating these small bugs or dust. Just disable the ir lights in app and see if that helps.