Motion tagging working but events not recording V3

I currently have 1 V3 cam with camplus aimed at my driveway which has functioned flawlessly since i installed it in May. As of about 2 1/2 weeks ago i noticed my cam stopped recording very specific events involving my neighbors (who hate my camera, its not pointed at their house in any way) whenever my neighbors come and go in their very large vehicles my cam records no events for a small bubble of time around their arrival/departure, motion tagging picks up and tracks the movement but doesnt trigger an event rec. My sound and motion detection sensitivity are both at 100. I get many clips of nothing constantly but when there is a gap with no events i know my neighbors have come or gone. The same area where these vehicles travel has cats travel through it and this triggers an event.

What is going on with my Cam? Can my camera be jammed to prevent events from being recorded? Why arent events recorded when motion detection tracks a large vehicle?

Thank you

Do you have any filters turned on , they are on the top of the home page of the app. Just buy a 32 or 64 GB SD card (The 64 needs to be formatted to FAT32,) set the camera for continuous recording and check the playback once a day or so. Do you have every thing turned on in settings?

i do have everything turned on in my settings. I also have a SD card installed and continuously recording.
I am trying to find out why my event recording is not triggering for the specific events mentioned above. If im paying for Cam plus i feel like it should work as it is supposed to. I would like to eliminate any possibility of this issue being in the hardware/software or service. I think my signal is being disrupted by my neighbor who is very tech savvy and who has enjoyed trying to make our lives unpleasant since they moved in in March. I am following the steps as suggested by the FCC website prior to reporting suspected device jamming.
Thank you