Pan Cam3 chasing it's own IR reflections

I’ve only had the Cam Pan 3 for a week and noticed a weird one. My cam is mounted against a wall under my back porch overhang. I have three waypoints set all within the 180 degree outward view. One night this week the cam spotted a bug or something flying past and followed it to the left until the wall was in part of the view, at which point the IR created a bright spot on the wall which the cam thought was more movement so it “followed” it, and as the bright spot became brighter it kept following until it was almost facing directly back at the wall at which point the size of the bright IR spot stabilized and the cam stopped chasing it. After ten seconds it went back to its waypoint scans. A little concerned that it turned completely away from its intended view. A feature to prevent it turning beyond preset points would stop this mostly (scan limits?). Or is there another tip or technique I can use? It was funny in a way since it reminded me of a dog chasing its own tail.


All 4 of mine do this at night. If the cam starts chasing movement and it gets far enough around the back to hit the white aluminum siding, it will chase the bright spot to the PT limits.

It would be great if we could set electronic motor limits to keep it from doing this.

Have you given any thought to posting that in a new #wishlist topic?

Oh. Pan. You weren’t confused. I was the one that was confused. :slight_smile:
As Roseanne Roseanneadanna would say: Never mind. (And thank you).

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