V3 pan cam, default position?

Is there a setting I’m not seeing that would have the camera automatically return to a set position after motion isn’t detected any longer in the direction it’s pointed. I’d prefer to have them set to follow motion, not constantly panning 24/7. I put the position I’d like to have as default in the number 1 position, but I guess that doesn’t do anything.
Also noticed that if I’m walking at a moderate pace they easily lose me as I’m passing directly in front of the camera instead of following all the way through.

I haven’t set mine up yet, still waiting for some wiring. But on a review I watched it was claimed if you set up a detection zone it will revert to that position in 10 seconds.

Also there are settings how fast the camera follows. So if you get a chance to try these settings please post your results.

Yeah apparently they just take a little while to settle into what they’re supposed to be doing. After I posted this I noticed now they’re both spinning back around to the first position after a little time.
As for the tracking speed, it looks like that’s dictated by just how fast whatever its following is moving. It really doesn’t take much to outrun the tracking though, a fast walk if you’re very close to the camera will move out of the shot and then the camera just stops turning.
The pan speed is adjustable, if you have them set to automatically pan from one position to another all the time. You set how long it will stay in each position too I believe.
So far I’m pretty pleased with them. Could have gotten by just fine with standard V3 cameras, but these give me the flexibility to look in different directions without having to add more cameras.
I’m definitely way happier with these new V3 cameras than the wireless outdoor ones. I just had to suck it up and place them where I could plug them in or run cords to them.

Thanks for the update! I am looking forward to playing with my new toy.

If you have a Detection Zone on and set, that will set the home position at the position the cam was in when you save the DZ. You can use the pad to move the cam in the DZ and then save it to lock that home position.

If you have a single waypoint set with Pan Scan enabled, that will also set your home position.

If you have the DZ off and Pan Scan Off. The home position is the last position you set it to via the pad controls or the position it was initially in at startup.

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