Alas, disappointed with Wyzecam Pan V3

Had great hopes for this when I bought it, but it’s performance has been a big disappointment.

  • It forgets its Waypoints DAILY, requiring repeated reconfiguration
  • Despite Smart Detections set to ignore vehicles, it frequently tracks them; often switching from the active, desired detection of “Person” over to following a passing vehicle
  • Despite Detection Settings at the lowest level (1), it goes crazy when wind blows a hedge, and swings and swoops all over the surface of that hedge
  • Despite the required “Plus” subscription, Event recordings routinely begin in the middle of a motion event and routinely end while motion is still occurring
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Indeed. A disappointment for many that it cannot return to it’s assigned home position.

Smart Detection has no affect on the Track Motion feature. The Track Motion is an onboard firmware function. Smart Detection is a server based AI feature only for tagging uploaded videos. The Pan V3 has no onboard AI. It cannot discriminate against any particular type of motion. It will default to track the “most” motion in the FOV… the biggest or fastest.

The Motion Sensitivity setting only applies to the relative motion required to initiate an upload, not the level of motion required to initiate motion tracking. The Motion Tracking sensitivity is a static setting preset by the firmware.

Cam Plus is not a requirement. It is a user choice. The shortness of the videos may be a function of your low Motion Sensitivity setting.

If you have an sd card in camera remove it,you have cam +? Go to app settings and clear your cache, then unig the power to that camera,sign out of app,power cycle your device,power on both items,make sure your app,device both have the Latest firmware and you phone/tablet has the latest software/firmware installed,now try to save your wave points,i currently haveb3 V3 P.T.Z. and i has SanDisk 128GB cards in them and my settings work fine,i have 1 set up for auto scan,the 2 are set to tracking all 3 are outside…i use to have the the old V2 P.T.Z. set up the same,wore the motor oit on the automatic mode on it,yes all had rubber housing on them i still have 6 V1 P.T.Z. outside going on 3 years no issues…so good luck my friend…

Agree with the wind blowing trees and then tracking points it to the top of a tree. Had to disable waypoints to avoid this. Major issue I’ve been having is it stops sending event clips to the cloud as well as notifications to me. After a reboot of the camera it starts working again. I do have a rule now to reboot this camera daily. I shouldn’t need to do this though.

  • It forgets its Waypoints DAILY, requiring repeated reconfiguration

I have found when I set the furthest waypoint to the left (there are four assignments [rectangle boxes]) and make that the last waypoint I set, it always reverts back to that waypoint after any tracking of movement. Hope this helps.

If you leave the waypoints on and turn off the motion tracking, you should be able to stabilize the waypoints as long as you don’t have e excessive vertical tilt between waypoints. The failure of the cam to return to the set waypoints or the home position while tracking is mainly isolated to the vertical tilt motor.

I’ve given up on the Pan V3’s main selling point; tracking. Just had to turn it off as it created more problems than benefits. Should have just stuck with the static V3 it replaced.

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