Cameras "Offline" Restart button "Fail" Unplug Doesn't Work

I highly doubt the cam online status has any relationship with the subscription status, or lack thereof. Live Stream viewing has no relationship to the subscription and is a local P2P connection.

There have been many reports of network connectivity issues with the PanV3. The cause of this has yet to be definitively pinpointed. However, it is not a systemwide problem. There are many users, like me with 4 PanV3, that have not experienced this issue. So, it appears to be an issue with the cam’s relationship with the network WiFi.

Wyze issued an update to the firmware recently to try and improve the network connectivity of the PanV3. Insure your cam has the latest firmware.

There is also a Beta build update currently being tested:

One trend being noticed is that the PanV3 works best and does not have network connectivity issues when it is on a very robust Mesh network that isn’t overloaded with devices. It seems like it isn’t as effective on weaker networks like the older cams are. But that is just a subjective observation, it hasn’t been vetted.