Wyze Cam Pan v3 & Sense Hub Firmware Beta Test 2/13/2023

its been ok since last night, when i last posted on here. if it does it again, I’ll try that. forgot that was in the app, will try and report back if it happens again. supposed to get windy and rainy here later today so it will be tracking and moving alot. see what happens

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Resetting the position this way turns off DZ, which is OK if you know it will do that. You can just turn it back on. BUT, it didn’t reset back to the waypoint. So I had to reset the waypoint and then turn DZ back on.

And yes, mine is still drifting up slowly (or down in my case since it’s mounted upside down). It is certainly better than it was as before the beta firmware, it wouldn’t even return to the home position reliably. Now with the beta firmware at least it does that, just not the exact same point. So it drifts.


Can you create a Device Log and post it here. I will see if I can get it provided to Wyze for Review.

Cam Log 935274

Reset position of cam @ 3:25 today via the Advanced Menu. Enabled DZ. Enabled Motion Tracking. No Waypoints set, Pan Scan Off.

Initial Home Position @ 3:27 pm:

Home position @ 6:30pm

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I Notified Wyze and was informed that they are aware of the issue and looking into it. However, the individual is also verifying to see if we can get an update.

thanks for the Log.

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Pan v3 (Beta .3868)

Cam Plus Event clip recording freezes ~3-5 seconds into the event and resumes playing after a few seconds, failing to record that portion of the event.

The freeze/skip is present in the downloaded clip.

Continuously recorded footage of the event is fine from SD Playbacks.

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